Razor Clam Digging in Moclips and Pacific Beach
Well, this is not the definitive razor clam digging page.  That one is published by the Washington
Department of Fish and Wildlife.  It tells you all about the biology of the clams, location of the digs, and how
to dig, clean, and cook the clams.  Take a look at:


This page is used to announce the clam digging dates and locations:


The digs are only known a few weeks or months in advance, depending on a survey of the clam population
and testing of toxins.

We bought a 3 day razor clam license for $5.40 from here:


My first experience digging was on May 9, 2009.  It was an unexpected digging date added at the end of the
season.  It fell on sunny and nearly warm morning.  This was a special treat, since so many of the digs take
place in the dark and cold.

We bought a clam tube for $16.95 at the D&K Grocery in Pacific Beach.  I had thought of scouting out a
remote beach, but we got a late start, so we just drove down the Analyde Gap Road nearby at the north end
of Pacific Beach right onto the sand.  There was already a big crowd there with lots of cars parked all
around, but I learned over the course of the morning that even a beach that looks thoroughly picked over
contains plenty of clams.

It took me a couple hours to figure out my technique.  We were licensed for 75 clams, but only caught 10.  
Still, the clams are large and meaty, so the 10 were worthwhile.  My main tips are these:

1. Dig twice in your hole with the clam tube.  If you feel a crunching, stop right away.
2. The thing I didn't understand at first is that you have to feel around in the hole for the clam and pull it out.  
The clam rarely comes up in the tube.  You may have to reach down to your elbow or shoulder.

Afterwards, my wife made a fine chowder out of our clams.

Razor Clam Dig Photo Album
Bob's Pacific Beach House: Highlights of the House
Spectacular high bluff ocean view. Less than half mile walk to wide, sandy beach. Beautiful three bedroom
house built in 2007. Located in Pacific Beach, Washington: 2 1/2 hours from Seattle, 3 hours from Portland,
25 minutes north of Ocean Shores. This is the prettiest section of the Washington coast with a windswept
forest on a high bluff, looking down on the beach. Awesome sunsets. Sorry, no pets.

The house features a large upper deck with wide ocean and sunset view, lower private deck with view,
three king beds and a queen sleeper sofa, three HDTVs with DVD players and cable programming,
wireless high speed Internet, stereo with four in-wall surround speakers and iPod dock, all new furnishings
in 2007, fully stocked kitchen with granite slab counters and stainless steel appliances, large master suite
with double- headed travertine tile shower, dark rich Brazilian cherry wood hardwood floors throughout the
house, art glass lighting, ceiling fans, propane fireplace, two car garage, laundry room, deck furniture,
charcoal grill with all supplies.
Bob's Pacific Beach House
Great Ocean View, Short Walk to Beach,
3 King Size Beds, House Built in 2007.
Located in Pacific Beach, WA
- just north of Ocean Shores.
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