Pictures of beautiful Pacific Beach State Park. There's always something interesting to see on the beach: sand dollar shells, sandpiper birds, seagulls, crabs, clam shells, seaweed, and driftwood. The sunsets are awesome.
Series of eight zoomed in and wide photos showing our fine, high-bluff, ocean view.
Beautiful 3 bedroom house built in 2007. Great view. Short walk to beach. 3 king beds. Fine interior finish with Brazilian hardwood floors, travertine tile, granite counters, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and art glass fixtures.
Historic Lake Quinault Lodge has an excellent restaurant and great view of the lake. Visitors can stroll the grounds and shop at the gift shop. Nearby trails explore the rain forest.
Analyde Gap - Another way down to beach to the north. You can drive right onto the beach here. 100 years ago there were no roads in the area - the beach was the road! The beach is still an official state highway. At Copalis there is also the nation's only beach airport.
Old railroad bridge - just south of us on 1st Street
Beautiful Griffiths-Priday State Park is nearly always deserted - even in August. You have to cross the shallow Copalis River on foot to reach the beach. The beach and river are a wonderful, shallow playground for kids.
For just $15 per family, the Grays Harbor YMCA in Hoquiam provides an indoor waterpark, racquetball courts, well-equipped exercise room, day care with indoor playground, and basketball court. The watepark features a water slide, wave pool, giant hot tub, water jet powered river run, diving board, and Olympic sized pool for lap swimming.
The sunsets are spectacular from the upper deck of our house or down on the beach. Be sure to arrange your day such that you are somewhere on the ocean at sunset.
Obtain a beach pass to explore the seldom-visited beaches of the Quinault Nation. You can easily visit the south beaches and mouth of the Quinault River. A guide is available to take you to spectacular Elephant Rock.
Winter storms really kick up the waves and deposit interesting things to look at on the beach.
In December 2007 we had an unusual, magical snowfall on the beach. It lasted just one day - it was a perfect scene.
Visit to the Ocean Shores North Jetty near twilight. It's a great spot for watching large waves roll in off the ocean. Behind the jetty is a wide sandy beach for kids to play on. A nearby sand dune affords a nice view of the area and distant Westport.
The remnants of a winter storm combined with a high tide completely cover the beach. I found a little flock of sandpiper birds darting among the foam. The seagulls had moved off the beach into the deserted RV park.
Hour and a half excursion to beautiful Kalaloch coastline and fabulous Ruby Beach. The view from the Kalaloch Lodge restaurant is world class. Ruby Beach holds lots of interest with offshore rocks and islands, remote headlands fading into the mist, a stream running into the ocean, beautiful red cedar logs washed up on the beach, and a windswept forest.
Copalis Rock is an isolated seastack rock - the next one is 20 miles north. Nearby is the Copalis State Airport, the only beach airport in the country. You can reach the rock from Roosevelt Beach Road and then driving 3 miles south.
Beautiful moss-covered Hoh Rain Forest. 100 miles from our house - the furthest practical day trip. Lots of interesting stops on the way: Quinault fish hatchery, Lake Quinault, Kalaloch beaches.
Easy to access beach in the town of Taholah, WA. Rocks at Cape Elizabeth, mouth of the Quinault River, rocky beach, massive driftwood piles, pretty forest, distant Point Grenville.
The most beautiful place you never heard of: Point Grenville on the Quinault Indian reservation. Seastack rocks, virgin forest, secret bay.
Mile long boardwalk of the Sandpiper Trail takes you to a wonderful viewpoint of Grays Harbor and its mudflats, where migrating shorebirds feed. Late April through early May at high tide are the best viewing periods.
Fun, comfortable, modern electric boats on the Ocean Shores Grand Canal and Duck Lake. Seats up to 10. Bring picnic and your favorite CDs. See
Lake Quinault Loop Drive with hikes to the Big Cedar, Maple Grove, and historic Kestner Homestead
The major landmark of Westport is the 1898 Grays Harbor Lighthouse - tallest in Washington State. Westport is the place to catch a whalewatching or ocean fishing boat.
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Higley Peak affords marvellous views of Lake Quinault, the distant snow-capped Olympic Mountain peaks, and the nearby forested valleys.
Panoramic view from the beach house at sunset
Panoramic scene of the entire Lake Quinault from the north shore point at July Creek
The beautiful Moclips River runs into the Pacific Ocean at the southern boundary of the Quinault Indian Nation.
The thousand year old Big Spruce on the Lake Quinault south shore is an awesome sight.
The Westport Maritime Museum features the Fresnel lens from the Destruction Island lighthouse.
We return to Higley Peak: the snow is gone, the road is clear, we hike the trail, and we find a beautiful view of the lake further down the road.
At an extreme low tide you can approach and touch Copalis Rock. The lower ten feet are covered in starfish, anenomes, and mussels.
Montesano, the county seat, with its historic Grays Harbor Courthouse and pretty Lake Sylvia State Park
Bob's Pacific Beach House
Great Ocean View, Short Walk to Beach,
3 King Size Beds, House Built in 2007.
Located in Pacific Beach, WA
- just north of Ocean Shores.
Point Grenville at low tide reveals a volcanic reef and hundreds of big starfish
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Sun setting over Ocean Shores as seen from the North Bay of Grays Harbor
Kayaking on Duck Lake, Ocean Shores
The end of the beach south of Taholah
The view from Cape Flattery on the Makah Indian Nation lands
The Pony Bridge
Kayaking on Lake Quinault
View of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
Kayaking on Lake Wynoochee